Turn Your Guitar Playing Dreams Into Reality
  • Most people who wish to start taking online guitar lessons for beginners are not really sure where to start and what type of guitar to choose (A Classical, Acoustic, or Electric). At JHGuitarSchool we help you decide what's the best fit for you and get you started on the right foot.
  • Many people who already play guitar are frustrated with their playing and have difficulty figuring out what to do to get it to the next level. They feel like they're stagnating and have no idea how to get unstuck. We help them overcome that, which boosts their skills and their absolute confidence about their playing.
  • Many people who come to us are also undecided about whether they should learn guitar in person or take online guitar lessons.
These situations are widespread. We see them all the time with students that come in for help.
So we know EXACTLY how you feel. If that's you, then keep reading.
4 Reasons Why JHGuitarSchool Online Guitar Lessons In (And For) Lebanon Is The Best Solution For You
1) At JHGuitarSchool, you benefit from the best of both worlds. You get to experience the modern approach of Online Guitar Lessons so you can learn in the best possible environment right from the comfort of your own home. Still, you also get all the attention you need as a guitar student, just like in a traditional in-person lesson, so that you can succeed at guitar!
2) Not all guitar lessons are equal. We design your guitar lessons and regularly test them to get YOU results (look at what people are saying!). Not only so, but in a much shorter amount of time than other traditional guitar lessons, you can get better faster!
3) You get to learn from anywhere in Lebanon (and the world if you're a Lebanese ex-pat) without being on a rigid lesson appointment schedule (yes, we do offer flexibility). You also get to learn any time of the day or night (yes, we do cover multiple time zones). And you get to learn guitar without traveling to and from lessons, getting stuck in unbearable traffic, AND paying high gas prices.
4) One of the things we do differently is that our teachers are highly trained at teaching guitar, but they are also trained to do so in an online format. In summary, this means a better lesson experience for you, more FUN in the process, and most importantly, better results! We repeat, not all guitar lessons are equal!
Joey Maroun
Student at JHGuitarSchool for 3 years:

"Taking lessons with Jack was the single best decision I made for my musical career"

Stephany Haber
Student at JHGuitarSchool since 3 years: Watch the video
Kids Transformation
Watch our students getting transformed into incredible players!
Kamal Helou
Student at JHGuitarSchool for 3 years:

"Taking lessons with Jack was the single best decision I made for my musical career"

Maria Zgheib
Student at JHGuitarSchool for 2 years

"The only thing you'll regret is not joining earlier"

Joe Sammour
Student at JHGuitarSchool for 8 years

"The difference in Jack's Lessons is how much experience he has in teaching different and difficult topics [...] The only thing you would regret is not joining any time earlier"

Sam Zina

"I really surprised myself with what I could achieve in a small amount of time"

Andrew Kobtawi
"They teach me the things that I want to learn and the songs that I love. They personalize each course for my own needs"
Joe Baz
''The team is really amazing, you feel like you're part of a family, it's not like any other school''
Mario Damiani
Must Watch!
Our Mission Is To Help You Unlock Your Talent For Guitar
Innovative Methods
Whether you (or your child) need to specialize in Classical guitar, Acoustic guitar, or Electric guitar, you will learn everything you need to know about music while having fun. Unlike most schools out there, we do not teach out of outdated, SLOW, boring method books, but we customize our lesson program for each student while ensuring everybody is learning the right and fun way. This aspect of our lessons takes a lot of time from our side, but we're passionate about helping people, and we won't do it any other way!
Serving Lebanon and Lebanese Everywhere in the World
We have students taking online guitar lessons from all over Lebanon, but mainly from Beirut, Saida, Jounieh, Jbeil, Tripoli, Zahle. All have one thing in common: they are satisfied guitar students. We also serve many Lebanese ex-pats living in the USA, Dubai, France, Canada, UK, Australia, and other places where Lebanese people have traveled. And all share two things in common. Their love for Lebanon and their love for our guitar lessons!

We're dedicated to serving our Lebanese community no matter what their language preferences are; therefore, we teach in Arabic, French & English, and sometimes use all three at the same time :) like a true Lebanese.

Who Are These Lessons For?
Our programs are fitted for every age (kids, teens, adults, and seniors) and every playing level (from total beginners to advanced players).

Are you ready to finally learn and get better at guitar?

And How We've Designed Them To Help You Commit And succeed!
Save time, effort and get fast results

Get serious but "fun" guitar training so you can save time and progress faster, which will help you master all necessary techniques to become great at guitar quickly so you can play ANYTHING you want!
Flexibility & a variety of programs that fit your schedule

Modern needs demand modern solutions. We offer the flexibility to book, cancel, and reschedule classes at your convenience. That's precisely why we have designed our lessons to fit any schedule so that your lifestyle never gets in the way of your dreams of learning guitar.
Personalized lessons for a Premium Learning Experience

Upon signing up, we will get to know more about you and your priorities and goals on guitar to help you better. At JHGuitarSchool - Lebanon online guitar lessons, you will get an instructor who actually cares about you and gives you results, who will create a customized lesson plan designed for your success and closely guide you every step of the way!
You will also get access to your private student folder where all the lesson materials, as well as bonus video lessons, audio, and PDF resources, are available to you for FREE, so you can practice anywhere anytime!
Variety of Lesson formats, Bonus Guitar Lessons, and Workshops
Here are a few features and benefits:
- Every month you get access to a free bonus training session. Even though these are bonuses, students witness a lot of progress during these sessions, making them keep coming back month after month.
- Every month you get access to a catch-up class in case you couldn't make it to one of your scheduled sessions
- We offer students free workshops and masterclasses throughout the year to enrich your lesson experience, the fun, and get you results!
Last but not least, a community
You will get access to our community of like-minded Lebanese students from all over the world. The membership area will make you feel at home. We are all here for one simple reason, to become the best guitar players we can be. Be ready to receive a huge welcome and get involved in passionate discussions. When you are stuck, ask questions and you will get answers, implement and share with us your wins!
Join 100s of other happy students
Kyle Helou
"His knowledge, skills, and experience offer great support to any learner from the beginner player all the way to the most advanced. I think there's always room for improvement and his system really works"
Amanda Maalouf
"I recommend everyone that wants to learn guitar, to take classes with Jack. He takes into consideration every student's background. For example, I'm a singer. He gives me the things that I need as a singer and guitar player"
Jamil Khoury
"Guitar Elevation is the perfect place to exponentially grow your guitar skills and join a wonderful community. Prepare to see big progress in a matter of a month or two. Definitely recommended!"
Sandra Takchy
"In two months, I was able to reach the goal I set to reach in a year"
Ralph Feghaly
Best place to learn guitar, POINT. I've tried countless teachers and Jack was the only one who was able to teach me the guitar and make me love it even more!
Our Story
Hi, I'm Jack, the founder and master Guitar Teacher at JHGuitarSchool. I'm glad to see you are interested in learning guitar. I was just where you are. Here is my story:

I started playing guitar at 11 and didn't start enjoying it before 16. I've lost many years learning from unprofessional teachers using ineffective methods. But I had no clue what to do as we didn't have too many options in Lebanon back then. I had tried a private teacher at home for many years, and it didn't work out. It bored me to death and made me disinterested. I joined a renowned conservatory, and it didn't work out as well. The process was slow, tedious, and painful.
It wasn't until I started taking guitar lessons online with a master trainer from the US that things started picking up for me. And I discovered that guitar is simple and should be taught that way.

Online learning is fantastic because it allows you to learn from top-class international-level instructors regardless of where you live. And this is why we switched our guitar school to an online school. We want to reach all of Lebanon; and we believe in the power of online learning.
The team and I can't wait to start teaching you and turn your guitar-playing dreams into reality. Don't put this off for another day. Register today!

How Our Online Guitar Lessons Work
  • Once you sign up, you will fill out a quick assessment, which will help us get to know you and your goals better. It will also help us create the best lesson material and lesson plan for you!
  • Once you sign up, we will give you all the needed instructions to book classes that fit your schedule. No matter how busy or unconventional your schedule is.
  • Lessons are 60 mins and are taught by our professional, highly trained teachers.
  • Lessons occur in small groups of 2 to 5 students of similar age, skill level, and musical taste. We keep classes small For us to focus on your needs but for you to also benefit from a class dynamic and more results.
  • Lessons are billed on a monthly basis using direct debit, or through OMT.
  • Lessons take place over Zoom and can be given in Arabic, English, and French.
  • Classes run on Tue, Wed, Fri, (and occasionally Thursdays) between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm, and Sat from 3:00 to 6:00 pm (Beirut time).
    For expatriates, register and/or contact us for more info and we will assign classes that fit your timezone.  
  • Every single week you get a roadmap and a practice plan so you know exactly what you need to do
Understanding our Terms & Conditions
  • Lessons are flexible; you may schedule sessions at your convenience. You do not have to attend the same slots every time, but we encourage consistency. You can also cancel and re-schedule as much as needed. However, the deadline is 24 hours before your scheduled class. After that, you are not allowed to make changes.
  • The lessons do not carry over from month to month. In case, and for whatever reason, you do not attend all of the classes you signed up for in a particular month; any remaining lessons will be lost.
  • In case YOU miss one or more class(es) during a month, you can benefit from catch-up lessons during that period. Catch-up class dates and times are specified by us in advance every month; it's up to you to make arrangements if you wish to attend.
  • 1 week written notice period is needed if you wish to discontinue lessons and stop the billing (If you are on autopay)
Experience the difference
Adib Husseini
"Lessons are very professional and perfectly fit today's ways of learning allowing you to drastically improve in the shortest period of time."
Rawad Saade
"I had an amazing learning experience with Jack. The dynamic way of teaching and the positive interaction with the group is exactly what I have been looking for. Jack has a unique way of delivering the information in a way each student has the capacity to absorb it while making it fun and easy."
Wassim Khoury
"I would totally recommend this place! Jack is awesome, totally friendly and the way you learn is so professional and on a different level!
you need to check it out if you want to become a badass guitar player!"
Joe Sammour
"The difference in Jack's Lessons is how much experience he has in teaching different and difficult topics [...] The only thing you would regret is not joining any time earlier"
"The only thing you'll regret is not joining sooner"
"The difference in Jack's Lessons is how much experience he has in teaching different and difficult topics [...] The only thing you would regret is not joining any time earlier"
Meet Our Teachers!
Our Team of Instructors with hundreds of hours of training in "How To Teach", use cutting-edge technology to deliver the content and the newest teaching methods to ensure you progress efficiently every week, regardless of your own practice time at home!
Head Teacher / Trainer
 Teacher / Trainer
 Teacher / Trainer
 Trainer / Admin
Guitar Hero
$97 Monthly
4x60m Guitar Lessons Each Month
✓ Personalized Lesson Plan
✓ Off Lesson Follow-up & Support
✓ Online Community Forum & Members Area Access
+ Flexible Schedule & Catch-up Classes Access
Guitar Legend
$147 Monthly
6x60m Guitar Lessons Each Month
✓ Personalized Lesson Plan
✓ Off Lesson Follow-up & Support
✓ Online Community Forum & Members Area Access
+ Flexible Schedule & Catch-up Classes Access
+ BONUS 1: Free Training Session Every Month
+ BONUS 2: Lifetime Access To The Guitar Elevation Online Video Lessons Library (Priceless!)
Guitar Master
$197 Monthly
8x60m Guitar Lessons Each Month
✓ Personalized Lesson Plan
✓ Off Lesson Follow-up & Support
✓ Online Community Forum & Members Area Access
+ Flexible Schedule & Catch-up Classes Access
+ BONUS 1: Free Training Session Every Month
+ BONUS 2: Lifetime Access To The Guitar Elevation Online Video Lessons Library (Priceless!)
✓ No application or registration fees, No long-term contracts.
✓ Prices are for monthly tuition.
✓ Guitar Lessons are conducted over Zoom.
✓ Proven teaching methods that provide maximum results
✓ Fun learning environment that will boost self-confidence
✓ Instructors with hundreds of hours of training in "How To Teach"

Need assistance? WhatsApp us 📞 at 81 77 27 28
All programs will get you results, however, your decision should vary depending on:
1- How fast do you want to progress
2- How committed are you to learn guitar?
Remember that the more you spend time in lessons the more supervised training you will receive therefore more progress for you. Also, note that the Legend and Master programs get you free access to multiple workshops throughout the year filled with content and training AND hundreds of bonus video lessons, that the basic program students don't have access to.
If you need help deciding don't hesitate to WhatsApp (Jack or Joey) at +961 81 77 27 28 and together we will decide what's the best option for you!
They are better in the sense that they are way more convenient and cheaper. When it comes to the quality and results OUR online lessons are even better than the traditional ones. We use cutting-edge technology to deliver the content, and the newest teaching methods to ensure you're efficiently progressing every single week.
So all in all, yes, online guitar lessons are better!
For as long as you wish to learn and improve. We have students who have been taking lessons for years and keep improving at their craft :)!

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