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An Incredible Intro to Guitar Program For Kids & Teens, Toronto September 2023!

Looking For The Perfect Beginner Kids Guitar Lessons for your child In Toronto?
Your Child Will LOVE "Junior Rockstars" our Guitar Initiation Program for Kids & Teens 
Serving Midtown Toronto, Yonge & Eglinton And All Of Toronto
Your child can try the instrument over 5 weeks to explore music in a whole new way. But hurry! We only have 15 spots available at this price!
What Most Parents Don't Know About Kids Guitar Lessons
Traditional one-on-one lessons are often not the best environment for beginners to learn in. This is for several reasons...

Having all the attention on your child for the whole lesson, with no interaction with other students or space from their teacher to learn with can feel very overwhelming. Sadly this often leads to many children not enjoying lessons and quitting.

What they really needed was an incredible program like Little Rockstars

This is why we promote

Collaborative Learning:

We promote teamwork and communication by incorporating group lessons, band workshops, and special events that allow kids to learn from their peers and develop strong social skills.

Supportive Community:

Our school fosters a friendly, welcoming environment where kids can make new friends, collaborate with fellow musicians, and share their love of music.

Exciting Performances:

We provide opportunities for kids to showcase their talents at our annual concerts, open mic nights, and community events, allowing them to build confidence and experience the thrill of performing live.

How Junior Rockstars Works (Intro To Guitar Lessons For Kids)
In just a few hours, your child will learn the basics of playing guitar, understanding rhythm, and play their first couple tunes alongside other kids with our inspiring and unique method.

At the end students are celebrated and given a certificate for completing the program. This means two things...

One - Students get to trial guitar lessons for a few weeks with no pressure to continue.

Two - There's no risk of feeling like a 'quitter' if they decide it's not for them. They know it is just for 5 weeks and get to celebrate at the end regardless of their next steps.

Here's what you'll get access to...
60% OFF!
To celebrate our move to our new 6 rooms studio at 120 Eglinton Ave E, we're offering the 5 Week Guitar Initiation Program for 60% off.
5 Weeks of Guitar Lessons with our expert instructors ($247 Value)

with a small band of new friends

Your child will get 5 weeks of "fun" but productive guitar training with a small band of new friends. Each session is 60 minutes long. They'll learn the basics, explore chords, strumming techniques, and play some of their favorite songs! Our supportive instructors will guide them every step of the way

Your Very Own Guitar Lesson Starter Pack ($20 Value)

(πŸ“˜Book + Picks) 🎁🎢 
The book contains all the fun lessons and homework challenges.

Online Video Library ($50 Value)

To help students remember what they learned in class and to take part in additional practice challenges at home.
Access To Your Own Guitar During Classes πŸŽΈπŸŽ΅ ($30 Value)

Guitars are provided for use during the sessions so you do not have to worry about buying a guitar during the program. And if it happens that your child is completely in love with the guitar, we'll make sure to help you, guide and advise you to buy the most suitable one for your budget and needs. 
What Parents Say About Us
And Some Love From Our Students
Every student who completes the course ALSO gets:

A "Junior Rockstar" completion certificate!

A "Junior Rockstar" Photo shoot

so they can remember all the fun and cool experiences they had!

A Video of themselves performing

With the class

$50 Registration fee off!!

May you wish to continue with regular lessons

So they've got all the perfect souvenirs to remember their awesome experience with music and share with friends and family!
Student Transformation
Experience the difference
Rockstar Experience
Kids & Teenagers Ensemble Performing Nothing Else Matters Live During Our Annual Concert With A Professional Band
Teenager Shredding!
7 Years - Lukas Graham Guitar Cover
Kids Guitar Ensemble
Kids Guitar Lessons Transformation
Where are the lessons held?
Our beautiful Yonge & Eglinton Studio (Address: 120 Eglinton Ave East, Suite 607)
When is the next intake?
Intakes are ongoing as long as spaces are available. This is a family favourite so snag your spots quick... they go FAST!
What ages is the "Junior Rockstars" program for?
Open for ages 7-13

Some exceptions may be arranged

How many kids are in a class together?
Our program runs up to 4 students in a class to keep quality top notch (Yes they can be in the same class as siblings). So that means you could drop several of your kids off at the same time, who may be at different levels, and run your errands for 60 min kid free -> Amazing Right?!
Will my child get the attention and help they need from the teacher in a class setting?
Absolutely! We have a lot of training behind us on how to teach in this setting effectively and in our experience many students actually tend to learn faster in this lab style lesson vs 1 on 1!