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Guitar Elevation: "A Counterintuitive Guitar Training Program Designed To Completely Transform Your Guitar Playing Every Single Month Without The Guesswork And Years Of Frustration"
Enrollment will open again on February 15, 2024 for waiting list members and on February 18 for everyone else with Limited Availability...
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People who don't join Guitar Elevation miss out on:
  • 250+ (and growing) Customized Structured Lesson Curriculum
  • 300+ (and growing) Practice Activities & Routines, and the clarity on exactly what needs to be done
  • Unlimited Feedback on your playing
  • Daily ​Live interaction through Zoom Guitar Classes with me, Jack, and my team of expert instructors. For All time zones.
  • ​Accountability: daily or weekly follow-ups through practice journals, quarterly 1-on-1 strategy meet-ups
  • ​Community
  • ... Last but not least, a private 1-on-1 coaching chat with me, Jack
People who JOIN Guitar Elevation:
  • Master all necessary techniques, to play your favorite songs and solos
  • Master Fretboard knowledge, so you could play literally anything you want anywhere on the fretboard
  • Master Rhythm Guitar, so you can play rock-solid riffs with intensity and endurance
  • Master Improvisation and Soloing, so you can finally play what's in your head, express yourself, and even maybe impress some friends ;)
  • Master Ear Training, need I say why?!
  • Master Music Theory, even if you've failed to understand it in the past
  • Master Your Favorite Styles like Blues, Folk, Country, Funk, Metal, Rock, and anything in between
  • Master Fingerstyle Guitar
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So if you're someone who's fed up with not progressing and if you're someone who's not able to play their favorite songs and if you're someone who's unable to solo successfully.

So if you're a guitarist who's passionate about playing and if you're a guitarist who's looking to get better at this and if you're a guitarist who's finally ready to give yourself a chance.

Then you've already made the decision, otherwise you wouldn't have read this far.

So let's take everything we've just said about how you'll transform your playing and how you'll become the perfect guitarist (the one you visualize in your mind when you think about your future self) and lets make it a reality for you.
Here's What Students Are Saying About Guitar Elevation
Benjamin Orthlieb
California - USA
Karina Leigh
London - UK
Kenneth Densmore
Georgia - USA
Kyle Helou
Tokyo - Japan
"His knowledge, skills, and experience offer great support to any learner from the beginner player all the way to the most advanced. I think there's always room for improvement and his system really works"
Gian Paulo Kayed
"You've hit the jackpot in terms of a good guitar teacher"
Joey Maroon
"Taking lessons with Jack was the single best decision I made for my musical career"
"He keeps track of my progress and considers my priorities, likes, and dislikes. Once you follow Jack's instructions and recommendations, there's no way not to move forward and make really great progress."
Amanda Maalouf
"I recommend everyone that wants to learn guitar, to take classes with Jack. He takes into consideration every student's background. For example, I'm a singer. He gives me the things that I need as a singer and guitar player"
Sam Zina
"I really surprised myself with what I could achieve in a small amount of time"
Joe Baz
''The team is really amazing, you feel like you're part of a family, it's not like any other school''
... And Here's The Proof In The Playing
"The only thing you'll regret is not joining sooner"
"The difference in Jack's Lessons is how much experience he has in teaching different and difficult topics [...] The only thing you would regret is not joining any time earlier"
Simon trained on Lead Guitar, Soloing and Improvisation.
He composed, produced and mixed this track as a result.
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