DOMINATE the FRETBOARD with 1 Simple Scale [Guitar Fretboard Visualisation Lesson]

DOMINATE the FRETBOARD with 1 Simple Scale
[Guitar Fretboard Visualisation Lesson]

► Ever wondered how to unlock the guitar fretboard, use all its length and solo freely?

► Or how to improvise while jamming with your friends even if you only know ONE major scale Shape/Position?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then this lesson is for YOU.
I'm pretty sure you're excited to know how to dominate the Guitar fretborad with only ONE simple scale.

Unlock the Guitar Fretboard

Today we're doing exactly, that using the good ole Major Scale. But we're learning how to visualise it all over the fretboard in a connected way.
A very simple system for guitar fretboard visualisation that will probably change your perspective on things.

Guitar is simpler than you think

The system I will share with you today works with any scale (not exclusive to the major scale).
I'm also sharing at the end of the video some hacks to quickly identify the shapes you need to use!

How? I hear you ask.

In this lesson we will not talk about different systems of visualising the Major Scale (such as the CAGED system of the 3 notes per string system).
Actually I don't care much about which system to use when comes to this particular lesson, because when I was just 15 and starting out on the Electric Guitar I didn't know any of that. Yet I was able to find a solution and hack my way to improvisation on Guitar.

N.B: If you are interested in learning how to improvise without using scales, then check the following video where I show exactly how to do that in under 5 minutes!

Final Words and Tips for your Guitar Practice

- You can apply the principles you learned today to any other key. same thing in any. All you have to do is
find the root note from which
you're beginning the scale on and you apply the same shapes. Easy!

- In this lesson we've only used the major scale, but you can also apply the principle to any other scale.

- Wherever you have a chord (for example Barre chord with its root on string 6), you certainly have a scale hidden underneath that chord, Or to be more precise around the chord. The scale is also starting on that same root note (on that 6th string). 
And this is key if you want to identify root notes on the fly.


Author: Jack Haddad
Jack Haddad is an expert Guitar educator and teacher and has been helping guitarists, through his innovative methods, get incredible results on the guitar, whether they want to jam with friends or rock out on the big stage.

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