Find Any Note On the Guitar Fretboard Using this Simple Secret System [Guitar Fretboard Memorization Lesson]

1 Dec 2020

Find Any Note On the Guitar Fretboard Using this Simple Secret System
[Guitar Fretboard Memorization Lesson]

► Have you ever wondered how to instantly find any note on the guitar with little to no thinking?

► Or how/where to play the same melody, lick, or riff anywhere on guitar? On command and consistently do so?

If you answered YES to any of these questions above, then this lesson is absolutely for YOU!
Learning the notes on the fretboard is one of the most useful things you can practice. Why?
Because simply put, it gives you the FREEDOM to navigate and play wherever you want on the guitar fretboard so that you can express yourself better on guitar!

Instantly Find Any Note on Guitar and Memorize the Guitar Fretboard

In this lesson, I am going to show you how to memorize your fretboard. As well as how to master it using the simple strategy that I am sharing inside the video.
The title of this lesson is a little clickbait because I do not believe in guitar secrets.
There are no secrets to playing guitar. There are just pieces of information that your teacher did not give you. Or information you did not discover yet if you are self-taught.

It does not matter if you have zero, some, or lots of fretboard knowledge.
Because this lesson is for advanced guitar players, beginners, and anyone in between. If you are a beginner, just follow along and watch this video a couple of times, and it will make sense to you.
If you are an advanced player, hang on and watch everything as we need to cover some foundations and basics that are used in this simple system, which I am going to share with you today.
It is all connected, and it is going to make sense in the end, I promise. Besides, going through things that you already know it will deepen your knowledge of the guitar fretboard.

After this video, you will be able to:
- Find Any note anywhere on the guitar fretboard
- Consistently do so every single time, no matter your guitar fretboard knowledge

N.B: If you are interested in learning how to improvise without using scales, then check the following video where I show exactly how to do that in under 5 minutes!

From Guitar Fretboard Memorization to Guitar Fretboard Mastery

With the right kind of exercises (this lesson being one of them), it's not hard to memorize your fretboard and instantly find notes on the guitar.
5 minutes a day for a week is all you need to become very guitar fretboard fluent!
This is why I cannot stress enough on the importance of watching the following lesson:

Final Words and Tips for your Guitar Practice

These two lessons work hand in hand. If you combine those two lessons during your 5 minutes of fretboard memorization practice, you will master it was faster. Trust me on this one!
Author: Jack Haddad
Jack Haddad is an expert Guitar educator and teacher and has been helping guitarists, through his innovative methods, get incredible results on the guitar, whether they want to jam with friends or rock out on the big stage.

You can find out more about Jack Haddad's teaching here:
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