Melodic Licks Using The One String Minor Scale

Guitar Licks on one String Using the Minor Scale

Here's a fun and easy way to learn melodic licks in a minor key on one string and then create your own, using the one string minor scale.

Lick 1: Uses a series of slides alternating between descending and ascending the scale

Lick 2: Uses a mixture of techniques, such as slurs, slides and bends.

Lick 3: Combines the tapping technique with slurs and slides

Practice the licks as is first, then try to come up with your own variations of those licks, then try to integrate those variations together into a cohesive phrase and relevant message communicated through your guitar!

Why learn and create licks on one string?
We can play the minor scale in many various ways. It doesn't have to be always a box pattern.
This is why today we'll be playing licks exclusively on one string (horizontally)

What are the benefits of doing that? Well, just to name a few, we can shift and move from one position to another very quickly. We can come up with some melodic ideas that we don't usually get in a box pattern. We can also use some techniques more easily like slides, legato, slurs and the tapping technique. 
Hope you will enjoy the lesson!
Final words
I've tried to give you some melodic licks that you can use right away. Just incorporate them into your playing.

If this is too advanced for you take it slow, one measure at a time. If this is too easy for you, you can add a little bit of spice to it, to make it a little bit harder. And let me know how it goes. You can ask me questions in the comment section (on Youtube) or send me an email at: [email protected]

Also don't forget to pick up the FREE handouts for this lesson. I've got all the tabs written for you. All you have to do is just click on the link below and sign up.

Author: Jack Haddad
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