How To Easily Play Barre Chords Without Pain & Buzzing - [Complete Guide]

How To Easily Play Barre Chords Without Pain & Buzzing - [Complete Guide]

Do your hands HURT after playing barre (bar) chords on your guitar? They do not have to!

In this lesson, I share with you 20 complete tips on how to easily play Barre (bar) chords while doing so pain and buzzing free.

► Don't you want your barre chords to feel way much easier?

► Don't you want to play barre chords without any tension and without squeezing so much on your wrist or your thumb?

► Don't you want to play your barre chords without any annoying buzzing sound coming out?

Why are Barre Chords hard to play on guitar? And how to play Barre Chords the right way

If you want to attain any of the things mentioned above no matter your skill level (yes, even some advanced players have a hard time playing barre chords consistently well over longer periods), then this lesson is for you!
Treat this lesson as an open buffet. Meaning, you take whatever you want from this lesson and you try it out. if it works, great. if it doesn't, you come back to the lesson and take other tips and you try out those new tips!
I promise you any of those 20 tips I'm giving will work.
But for them to work you need to read/watch the whole Barre chords guitar lesson, because all the strategies are interconnected and they work all together to help you master barre chords.

I will be dividing the tips into 5 parts excluding the pro tips at the end, making it a total of 6 parts.

► Part 1: How to set ourselves up for success when it comes to barre chords, by adopting a healthy posture for the body.

► Part 2: how to place the thumb to prevent pain

► Part 3: How to position the wrist to prevent injury

► Part 4: How to nail the perfect Barre Chord sound by learning how to place the fretting hand fingers on the guitar fretboard.

► Part 5: How to master the art of barring chords

► Part 6: Going beyond that!

Strategies for Great Sounding Barre Chords

(for more details and COMPLETE breackdown watch the barre chords video lesson)

Part 1: Posture while playing guitar 

- Guitar neck angle
- Straight back
- Fretting arm elbow close the body
- Fretting hand wrist dropped
- Fretting hand shoulder tension-free/not raised

Part 2: Fretting hand position to prevent pain

- Thumb should stay between the 1st and 2nd fingers
- Thumb knuckle is locked out, making it straight and not bent
- Touch the guitar neck with the side of your thumb. Not the actual center of the thumb.

Part 3: Fretting hand wrist position to prevent injury

- Don't allow the thumb to pop over the guitar neck. Thumb and wrist are closely related
- Keep your wrist low & as straight as possible
- Use only as much strength as needed to generate a clean sound. Don't over squeeze.

Part 4: Fretting hand fingers to nail the perfect sound

- Play right behind the frets. This will ensure the strongest grip & avoid unwanted fret noise
- Press with the boney part of your index finger
- Middle finger's knuckle should be always curled up and never flat.

Part 5: Mastering barre chords

- Pull from your arm. Use your whole arm to leverage strength and produce a good sound
- Thumb acts only as a support and is not supposed to squeeze
- Pull from your arm and counter pull with the picking hand elbow
- For minor barre chords use the middle finger as a support to the index finger by placing it over the index and squeezing them together.
- If you are still witnessing any kind of pain and or buzzing try out the classical position by placing your guitar on your left leg.

Final Words and Tips for your Barre Chords Guitar Practice

Making Barre Chords work will take time. Do not rush this. Take your time, practice through the motions and I promise you sooner or later you will nail the perfect barre chord position and sound!

For a more in depth dive into barre chords mastery check out ''Barre Chord Elevation'', my complete step-by-step system to mastering Barre Chord faster than ever, even if you are just starting out.

P.S: Here's an interesting lesson for you revolving around unlocking your fretboard using Barre chords as a visual reference!
Author: Jack Haddad
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