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Congrats On Your Next Steps With Us!

What Makes Us Different?

We do actually care.
Hello, potential future team member; it's Jack here.
Music changed my life, it saved me from a lot of trouble growing up, and I'm here to pay it forward.
And this is why and how I built Level Up Music School & JHGuitarSchool.
I asked myself If I were to do it all over again and start learning from scratch, knowing what I know today, how would I want my music lessons to be?
I would want them to be fun, engaging, life-changing and a safe place to express myself, meet people my age I can connect with and share this passion.
And that's how I developed everything with that vision in mind.

Everybody deserves the gift of music.

Our Unique Friendly Yet Serious Approach...
The JHGuitarSchool Winning Formula

Exciting Performances:

We provide opportunities for kids & adults to showcase their talents at our annual concerts, open mic nights, and community events, allowing them to build confidence and experience the thrill of performing live.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Our unique Rockstar Roadmap System keeps kids motivated and excited about their progress. They start with the "starter" badge and advance through a series of proven and tested levels designed by our expert instructors.
As for Adults, everything is customized to their goals, which offers them the ultimate learning experience.

Collaborative Learning:

We promote teamwork and communication by incorporating group lessons, band workshops, and special events that allow kids to learn from their peers and develop strong social skills. 
Adults also get to meet and create friendships with like minded guitar enthusiasts

What Parents Say About Us
And Some Love From Our Students
Student Transformation
Be The Next Creator Of Rockstars!
Rockstar Experience
Kids & Teenagers Ensemble Performing Nothing Else Matters Live During Our Annual Concert With A Professional Band
Teenager Shredding!
7 Years - Lukas Graham Guitar Cover
Kids Guitar Ensemble
Kids Guitar Lessons Transformation
Experience the difference
"The only thing you'll regret is not joining sooner"
"The difference in Jack's Lessons is how much experience he has in teaching different and difficult topics [...] The only thing you would regret is not joining any time earlier"
Simon trained on Lead Guitar, Soloing and Improvisation.
He composed, produced and mixed this track as a result.
Why Should You Work With Us?
  • 1.Level Up Music School & JHGuitarSchool does all bookwork, billing and collections for you. You are able to focus on teaching – what you LOVE to do!
  • 2. You may choose the hours you are available to teach. We carefully match students to the best teacher possible, and will fill your available hours as we can.
  • 3. You don't have time for the billing and scheduling and parent issues that are associated with teaching independently. At Level Up Music School & JHGuitarSchool, we will handle this for you. When you are hired you enjoy a worry-free experience as a professional instructor. Let us focus on the business and advertising and marketing. You just enjoy teaching and helping people grow while you get paid for it!
  • 4. You are a "team member". Everyone on the team is a collaborator and we lookout for each other. We also cover for each other, to allow more flexibility and a great work-life balance.
    We treat this institution as your own, care for it and nurture it. This institution is feeding everyone on the team. We ARE a family, not just in words but in actions. We do care about each other, because we believe that friendships will inevitably develop when people's goals and visions are aligned, which is to spread the joy of music to as many souls as possible and change people's lives through music.
  • 5. We Collaborate, Not Dictate.
    We do a disservice to the team when we believe we have nothing to contribute. We are one team made up of individuals that each have a voice that matters
  • 6. Don't work for a huge impersonal company that doesn't care about filling your schedule. Stop driving from house to house and all around the GTA. Don't work on the sales floor of a retails store! Instead, sit in our beautiful studio and get paid even if your student does not show up!
    Teach, perform at our concerts, showcase your talent and become a hero in your community.
  • 7. Teach the next generation of great musicians. You can make a difference! At Level Up Music School & JHGuitarSchool, we expect a lot out of our students. By having high standards, we are accomplishing great and exciting things. We select top musicians who are skilled at working with children and adult students. Our families are assured of the highest quality experience when enrolling with Level Up Music School & JHGuitarSchool. Maybe their next teacher will be YOU!!
What We Will Do For You
  • • Manage all billing, collection of fees and payment plans for students.
  • • Provide a curriculum to which you can add your own twist, so you don't have to think about what to teach next.
  • • Provide a new teacher orientation support program, as well as access to online development resources.
  • • Continuous teacher training and skill development so you never stop learning and growing as a teacher and a musician.
  • • For contracted teachers who convert to employees (full-time employees), we provide sick pay, vacation pay, and health benefits!
  • • Recruit all students, assign you as their teacher, provide their orientation and handle their registration process
  • • Support you 100% in your teaching
  • • Provide you with students in a beautiful studio environment
  • • Provide advertising and student recruiting
  • • Pay you each month by direct deposit
What We Ask Of You
  • • Treat this institution as your own, care for it and nurture it. This institution is feeding you and feeding everyone else on the team. We ARE a family, not just in words but in actions. We do care about each other, we believe that friendships will inevitably develop when people's goals and visions are aligned, which is to spread the joy of music to as many souls as possible and change people's lives through music.
  • • Teaching schedule all year long and through the summer. We operate on a 48 weeks schedule with 4 weeks off.
  • • Agreement with School Policies
  • • Professional attitude and appearance
  • • Prepare students for our twice-annual performances
  • • Demonstrate care and concern for your students as human beings and for their musical growth
Final Words
To summarize, joining the family means:

1. A constant flow of new students to keep schedules as full as possible:
Over the course of the year, students can move or quit. This can leave a teacher with gaps or holes in their schedule. Most students register and start lessons in September. Most music schools only advertise in late August and September for new students.
At our school we spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing year-round to keep our teacher's schedules as full as possible. Each year we spend thousands on advertising to constantly attract new students. We are continually registering new students even during typically slower registration months like May or June.

2. Extras are taken care of – your only responsibility is to teach and inspire!
We have full-time administrators to handle all of the "details" of teaching. From scheduling to collecting fees or arranging concerts, these details are handled by our administrators, not the teacher. This means the teacher is free to focus on teaching and not get bogged down by the administration.

3. Your time is respected and you are paid whether or not students show up:
Teachers are paid for lessons whether students attend or not. If a student misses classes for school trips, holidays or sickness, the teacher is still paid.
If a student does not pay for their lessons or has an uncollectible debt, the teacher is still paid. Our priority for our teachers is to make sure that your time is not abused and that your teaching day can be as productive as possible...

We are very selective in who we hire at Level Up Music School & JHGuitarSchool. Potential teachers undergo a live musical performance review, a detailed interview process (not like a corporate job, but with a heart-to-heart conversation), a criminal background check since you will work with vulnerable people (kids) and adults, and a reference check.
All of these are to make sure we both are a great fit for each other. You're joining a family, which means both ends should be happy and satisfied with the quality.

Sure, we have a laid back atmosphere (some would call it "high class hipster") but we also expect all of our teachers to be rockstar instructors. All in the hopes that we can help create little rockstars.

Our motto here is "Have fun while being the best" - does that fit you?