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14 Dec 2022
This lesson is just an excerpt from a free blues mini-course I created. Whether you are jamming on an acoustic or an electric guitar, take your bluesy licks to the next level!
5 Oct 2022
Instantly find any note on the Guitar and memorize the guitar fretboard. Find any note anywhere on the guitar and consistently do so every single time!
2 Sep 2022
This lesson is all about chord tone improvisation, by following this simple system, take your solos and improvisation to the next level! Chord tone improvisation or triad improvisation will allow you to follow along with the track's chords, put more emphasis on your phrasing elements, and generally make your solos and improvisation sound more melodic!
9 Aug 2022
This lesson is about the string bending technique on guitar! Building a solid string bending foundation will do wonders to your ears, solos, and improvisation. Let's take our string bending technique to the next level with this simple two-part exercise!
19 Jul 2022
Everything you need to know to create impressive tapping runs on guitar without requiring prior theory or scale knowledge and how to integrate them into your own solos and improvisation!
28 Oct 2021
The goal of our training is to be able to shred all over the neck spontaneously while using the pentatonic scale on two(2) strings. What we have to do, is to memorize the two (2) strings shapes shown in the lesson, which will help us to transition swiftly between the various positions.
9 Sep 2021
You might think why soloing on one string? Well, there are many advantages: - The most important reason is that it forces you to be more thoughtful about what you are playing on guitar. It takes you from the box shapes and the vertical stuff into playing horizontally. - It also helps you break free from playing those cliché licks and being in a sort of "autopilot" mode, so you think more about what you will be playing and translate the voice and melodies in your head, which will promote your aural skills as well.
21 Aug 2021
Hybrid Picking is one picking technique that will elevate your guitar playing even further as it will add some extra color to your Electric and acoustic Guitar Playing. Learn all about it in this lesson!
28 Mar 2021
Today we're gonna discuss why you don't feel like picking up that guitar and what to do about it in order to practice guitar and get the results that you desire so much.
23 Feb 2021
This tutorial will show you all the secrets about Pinch Harmonics and how to consistently play them every single time! Get those 'screaming' squealers as you hear in the playing of the legends.
23 Feb 2021
Advanced minor pentatonic licks (with tabs) combined with slides, legato, chromaticism, and string skipping all over the guitar fretboard!

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