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 Need help or support? reach out to us at:
Perfectly Nail Barre Chords Every Single Time...
Even if you find it impossible right now
Even if you find it impossible right now
If our 9-year-old students (at our local school in Toronto Canada) can play perfect barre chords, then it's not about strength...It's about doing the "right" stuff.  So Whether You Know It Or Not... You Are 3 Clicks Away From Perfectly Nailing Barre Chords Every Single Time...
If our 9-year-old students (at our local school in Toronto Canada) can play perfect barre chords, then it's not about strength...It's about doing the "right" stuff. So Whether You Know It Or Not... You Are 3 Clicks Away From Perfectly Nailing Barre Chords Every Single Time...
Finally! A Proven Step by Step System To Crack The Barre Chord Mystery With: Barre Chord Elevation
What if I told you you've just stumbled onto a goldmine of Bar Chord Instructions beyond anything you could've ever seen before...

You have no clue as to the power of what you are about to be offered... But whether you know it or not...
You ARE just 3 clicks away from..

Absolutely nailing any bar chord while also mastering the fretboard, unlocking 1000s upon 1000s of songs that use bar chords, and taking a huge step forward in the guitar-playing progress.
All of this, without the pain and the infuriating string buzzing
Barre Chord Elevation IS a Proven Step-by-Step course and training plan to Master Barre Chords once and for all.
There's no feeling in the world that compares to the buzz of playing the songs you love and being able to jam in literally any key on the Fretboard with ease and confidence in just a few video lessons ...
Here's What People On Youtube Have To Say
Yes ... I tested a lesson I recorded for my students a long time ago for FREE on Youtube just to see how people would react... and people went CRAZY about it! Here's your proof:
This lesson doesn't even come close to what I share inside Barre Chord Elevation...
Ok How Much?
Sneak Peak Inside Barre Chord Elevation
Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Access

Barre Chord Elevation is my proven (with 10 years in the making) complete step by step system for mastering Barre Chord Faster Than Ever, even if you are just starting out.

It's the most complete and concise barre chord course ever. This course keeps getting updated on a regular basis, and the training activities run so deep they will keep benefiting you even if you're beyond the basics and well into the advanced level.
Lifetime Access
You get lifetime access to the course. One time payment means you can go through the lessons as many time as you like.
Step-by-step Lessons
Cut up into bite sized, easy to understand pieces to improve your guitar playing FAST!
Learn At Your Own Pace
Lessons are available on demand 24/7 to go through on your own schedule, in the comfort of your own home.
1-On-1 Support
Need help with a lesson? My team and I will personally give you 1-on-1 advice giving you even quicker results.
New Content Forever!
The course is periodically populated with new training activities, which means you'll be getting new materials to work on for as long a I keep creating content.
Community Access
You also get access to a section of our private members forum where you can ask any question you have about the course and the training activities and even ask for feedback on your playing and you'll get and answer within 24 hours!
  • Digitally delivered class, Access it anytime on any device 24/7.
  • Step by Step process. Simply follow along one step at a time.
  • No stone is left unturned, you get everything you need to deploy this system.
  • Perfect whether you are starting out or already have some experience.
Barre Chord Elevation Modules
Module 1: Barre Chord Basics

This module is all about how to form a barre chord, explaining moveable shapes, and training activities designed to help you build the needed strength to make your barre chords sound great.

Module 2: Barre Chord Secrets Revealed

In this module you will learn more barre chord shapes, get 20+ tips that will allow you to troubleshoot your barre chords fixing all bad habits that may cause pain and buzzing.
Module 3: How To Navigate Like A Fretboard Sailor!

In this module we are shifting the focus to absolute fretboard mastery, take all the barre chord shapes you learned to different areas of the fretboard, and train swiftly switching between them.
Module 4: Barre Chord Wizard Level Unlocked

In this one You will learn how to switch between different modes of playing emulating some of your favorite songs. We're also going to learn even more barre chord shapes, unlocking endless creative possibilities. 
Module 5: Beyond Barre Chords

After completing this module, you will add barre chords that aren't really barre chords to your arsenal. We're also covering 7th barre chords, training activities, real life applications that will make everyone around you think you are a guitar god!
Here is a recap of everything you are going to get right now during this special.
  • The Online Course With All Handouts & Worksheets ($1000 value)
  • BONUS #1: 1-On-1 Support ($500 value)
  • BONUS #2: New Content Forever! ($Priceless value)
  • BONUS #3: Community Access ($200 value)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: Pay Just $47 instead of $147 and Save ($100)
Yes! I want access & save BIG right now
No Risk, 30 Days No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.
Some Love From Our Members
Benjamin Orthlieb
California - USA
Karina Leigh
London - UK
Kenneth Densmore
Georgia - USA
Kyle Helou
Tokyo - Japan
"His knowledge, skills, and experience offer great support to any learner from the beginner player all the way to the most advanced. I think there's always room for improvement and his system really works"
Gian Paulo Kayed
Leeds - UK
"You've hit the jackpot in terms of a good guitar teacher"
Joey Maroon
"Taking lessons with Jack was the single best decision I made for my musical career"
Bordeaux - France
"He keeps track of my progress and considers my priorities, likes, and dislikes. Once you follow Jack's instructions and recommendations, there's no way not to move forward and make really great progress."
Amanda Maalouf
Dubai - UAE
"I recommend everyone that wants to learn guitar, to take classes with Jack. He takes into consideration every student's background. For example, I'm a singer. He gives me the things that I need as a singer and guitar player"
One thing you are going to love about this program aside from the incredible stuff you are going to learn is the TRIPLE Guarantee

Here it is:

Test the program for a Solid 30 days. Download everything you can, watch all the videos, implement everything, do all the exercises. Do everything I am going to teach you

+ If you are not happy for any reason
+ If you simply don't feel this is for you
+ Or even if you don't like my accent or the shirts I am wearing in the videos :)

You'll get 100% of your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED EVER

So I absolutely think this is a No-Lose Situation...

So go ahead, Click Get Barre Chord Elevation Button Right Now To Secure Your Spot
Frequently Asked Questions

I Play Electric Guitar, Will This Course Help Me?
Definitely, all of the techniques, principles, and lessons work just as good on acoustic or electric guitar.
I'm A Complete Beginner. Will This Course Be Too Advanced For Me?
Barre Chord Elevation is perfect for you. Everything you need to know to get started from scratch is completely covered.
I'm Pretty Good At Guitar. My barre chords are all right. Can I get much outta this course?
Yes, definitely. If you already have a good grasp of bar chords, this course will take what you already know and pump it full of steroids to give you great results in a short amount of time.
Am I Too Old To Master Barre Chords?
Get that limit and belief out of here. You can never be too old to develop a guitar playing. In fact, a lot of our students are well over 45 with our oldest member being 82.

The biggest success stories I've received have been from guys who played a little bit when they were younger, but life got in the way as it does, and now they're really wanting to give it a good shot to be able to play like they've always wanted to, and they're achieving that through being a member right here.

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