Finally Crack The Blues Guitar Code With:
 Blues Turnarounds Mastery
... Regardless of your current playing level
A Proven Step-by-Step course and training plan to Master Blues Turnarounds ... Faster and once and for all

...There's no feeling in the world that compares to the buzz of having unlimited turnarounds ideas and being able to jam in literally any key on the Fretboard with ease and confidence in just a few video lessons ...

When you purchase "Blues Turnarounds Mastery" and by the end of the course you will:
  • Learn 20 + Turnarounds in the key of E Major and A Major so you never run out of Turnarounds ideas.
  • Understand how to transpose and move those licks anywhere on the fretboard so that you can rock out and jam in every possible key.
  • Learn how to create your own turnarounds on the spot so you won't have to rely on your memory or the TAB sheets when you're in a jam setting or playing over a track.
  • Have a solid foundation with an in-depth theoretical analysis of the 12-bar blues progression and I-IV-V progressions.
  • Understand the difference between eighth notes triplets and eighth notes and how to practice those, so you can create beautiful rhythmic variations of the turnarounds you learn.
  • Boost your technique by learning how to play everything using your pick, fingers, or hybrid picking!
  • Get instant access to 20 easy-to-understand video lessons, so you can practice along and keep reviewing the material at your own pace.
  • Get instant access to all the Tabs, scale diagrams and backing track used inside the lessons.
  • BONUS: because I love to reward action-takers, I'm also offering you, as a bonus, to answer any questions about this course for FREE. That way, I can ensure you get the most value from this.
Sneak Peak Inside Blues Turnarounds Mastery
Module 1:
- Lesson 1: 12 Bar Blues Progression And Turnaround Basics
- Lesson 2: Training Tips (Part 1)
- Lesson 3: Triplets vs. Eighths
Module 2:
- Lesson 4: Killer Blues Turnarounds in E (1 to 5)
- Lesson 5: Killer Blues Turnarounds in E (6 to 9)
- Lesson 6: Practice Tips For Turnarounds in E
- Lesson 7: Practice Tips For The Turnarounds Chord Changes
Module 3:
- Lesson 8: 12 Bar Blues Progression in A & How To Play A I - IV - V Progression In Any Key
- Lesson 9: Demonstration & Training Tips (Part 2)
- Lesson 10: Turnarounds in A (1 to 5)
- Lesson 11: Practice Tips For Turnarounds in A
Module 4:
- Lesson 12: Play Turnarounds In Any Key (And How To Transpose)
- Lesson 13: Create Your Own Turnarounds
- Bonus: Book A Call For Personalized Feedback
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Karina Leigh
London - UK
Must Watch
Benjamin Orthlieb
California - USA
Kenneth Densmore
Georgia - USA
Kyle Helou
Tokyo - Japan
"His knowledge, skills, and experience offer great support to any learner from the beginner player all the way to the most advanced. I think there's always room for improvement and his system really works"
Gian Paulo Kayed
"You've hit the jackpot in terms of a good guitar teacher"
Joey Maroon
"Taking lessons with Jack was the single best decision I made for my musical career"
"He keeps track of my progress and considers my priorities, likes, and dislikes. Once you follow Jack's instructions and recommendations, there's no way not to move forward and make really great progress."
Amanda Maalouf
"I recommend everyone that wants to learn guitar, to take classes with Jack. He takes into consideration every student's background. For example, I'm a singer. He gives me the things that I need as a singer and guitar player"
Experience the difference
"The only thing you'll regret is not joining sooner"
"The difference in Jack's Lessons is how much experience he has in teaching different and difficult topics [...] The only thing you would regret is not joining any time earlier"

Joe trained on Fingerstyle technique, theory & harmony.
Elio trained on Lead Guitar, Soloing, Improvisation and composition.
Simon trained on Lead Guitar, Soloing and Improvisation.
He composed, produced and mixed this track as a result.
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Jamil Khoury
"Guitar Elevation is the perfect place to exponentially grow your guitar skills and join a wonderful community. Prepare to see big progress in a matter of a month or two. Definitely recommended!"
Sandra Takchy
"In two months, I was able to reach the goal I set to reach in a year"
Ralph Feghaly
Best place to learn guitar, POINT. I've tried countless teachers and Jack was the only one who was able to teach me the guitar and make me love it even more!

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